War, Peace and the Function of the Socialist Countries, Second Volume

The Installation of the Yankee Missiles in Europe, 27.10.1979
On the False Alarm for a Soviet Nuclear Attack, 9.6.1980
On the Military Bases in Europe, 19.5.1980
The Collapse of the Capitalist Conception of Life, 23.3.1981
US Imperialism and the Atomic War, 22.9.1979
On the Iran-Iraq War, 24.9.1980
Function and Role of the Revolutionary Guerrilla Movements, 1.3.1981
The Nuclear War and the Fundamental Problems of Marxism, 25.12.1963
The Communist Parties, the War and the Function of the Soviet Union, 2.1.1980
The Peace Movement and the Discussion in the Italian Communist Party, 3.3.1981
The Crisis of Capitalism, the War and the World Communist Movement, 8.3.1981
The China-USSR Unification is a Fundamental Necessity to confront the Nuclear War, 29.12.1974
On the Socialist Future of Humanity, 22.4.1981


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