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The Posadist IV International has journals and periodicals in several countries. Some have ceased to appear in print, but those that continue in paper format are featured on this site. There are collections in the libraries of some countries. A link towards these institutions exists on this site.

Algeria : Révolution Socialiste
Argentina : Voz Proletaria
Belgium : Lutte Ouvrière
Bolivia : Lucha Obrera
Brazil : Frente Operaria now Revoluçao Socialista
Chili : Lucha Obrera
Columbia : Voz Posadista
Cuba : Voz Proletaria
Ecuador : Lucha Communista
France : Lutte Communiste
Germany : Arbeiterstimme
Great-Britain : Red Flag
Greece : Komunistiki Pali
Italy : Lotta Operaria
Mexico : Voz Obrera
Spain : Lucha Communista
Uruguay : Frente Obrero now Voz Posadista
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