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Institute of Social History

Amsab-ISH is an officially recognized Flemish cultural heritage institution engaged in archiving documents and other items of progressive social movements and persons. We preserve and collect records...

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Bibliothèque nationale de France

The Bibliothèque nationale de France collects, preserves and makes known the national documentary heritage. The BnF’s collections are unique in the world: 14 million books and printed documents, manu...

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Institut d'histoire sociales

The Institut d'Histoire Sociale was founded in 1937. Looted during World War Two, its collections on the history of communism, socialism and trade unionism were reconstituted little by little. Today t...

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National Fondation of Political Sciences

Sciences Po is a selective and diverse French university specialising in the humanities and social sciences. It devotes 40% of its budget to research. Thanks to its research and high-level education...

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University of Barcelona

Digital Documents Diposit UAB

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