Poland: the advance of socialist democracy and of socialist influence in the World

The Strikes, the Political Revolution and the Socialist Revolution, 21.12.1970
Agrarian Organisation and the Need for Collectivisation in Poland, 20.5.1975
The Workers Mobilisations are to advance the Workers State, 26.6.1976
The Elevation of the Discussion in the World Communist Movement, 9.10.1977
The Bureaucracy and the Progress of the Workers State, 22.12.1978
On the Pope’s visit to Poland, 14.6.1979
The Advance of Soviet Democracy, 26.11.1980
The Soviet leadership and the Advances in Poland, 29.11.1980
The Yankee Campaign Against Poland, 13.12.1980
The Problem of Agricultural Production, 4.1.1981
On the Formation of Rural Trade Unions in Poland, 7.2.1981
On the Debility of Imperialism, 10.2.1981
The Conditions in which the Polish Workers State was formed, 22.2.1981
Agriculture and the Need for Superior Social Objectives, 14.3.1981
The Changes in the Communist Party Leadership, 22.3.1981
The Extension of the Workers State and the Changes in the Bureaucracy, 29.3.1981
Once Again On the Agrarian Problem, 14.4.1981