Art and Socialism

The Function of Art and Artistic Creation, 2.4.1978
The Works of Michael Angelo and their Importance in History, 9.10.1972
The ‘Pieta’, the ‘Moses’, the ‘David’ and the ‘Slaves’ by Michael Angelo, 9.10.1972
Masaccio’s Paintings and Human Relations, 13.8.1977
Contemporary Art and the Social-revolutionary Development of History, 24.5.1980
The Impressionists and the Function of Art, 10.8.1977
On the Paintings of Picasso, 22.12.1979
The Historic Significance of the British Museum, 7.4.1978
Mycenea and Human Intelligence, 3.9.1978
About the Origins of Human Civilization, 19.5.1980